Our Discount Policy

We’re not really in this to make money. Our day job is what pays the bills. This we just do this for fun and to have the opportunity to share our art with more people. With that said, everything in our shop is listed at the lowest price point that we can offer. After we factor in printing, assembly, shipping, and all the other costs involved in operating an online store there is not that much left over to work with.

So, if you’re “waiting for it to go on sale”, you may be waiting a while. Anytime is the right time to buy.

However, we always have a “Buy One Get One 40% Off” offer available. Discount is automatically applied at checkout

But wait!? You just said you can’t discount these items – Well, we can provide a “Buy One Get One 40% Off” because it’s cheaper to print and ship multiple items together.

So, you can save some money if you either buy one and get a matching piece or get a friend to go halfsies.

Looking to purchase more than 2 pieces? Contact us and we’ll hook you up with an even better deal with a super secret discount code