10 Quick Fat Busting Tips!

Here are 10 quick and simple decisions that can help prevent packing on a few pounds around the waist line:

1. Don’t forgo your weight lifting session, it has serious metabolism boosting benefits. Even a small workout is better then none at all!
2. Avoid keeping unhealthy snacks around the house.
3. While protein is needed for muscle building, be sure to watch the fat content of the proteins you choose. Try leaner options like white fish or chicken!
4. Try to eat more whole foods then quick and ready shakes. They tend to contain fillers and hidden sugars while lacking some of the nutrients our body could use from a real meal. Plus a meal will keep you full longer!
5.While we love “cheat meals” try to keep on an 80% healthy and 20% free diet. Allowing a once in a while meal verses every day meal will aid in weight loss.
6. Forget about your car! Today as a society we tend to drive places that we could easily walk. Get out and enjoy the sun when you have some spare time to take a walk.
7. Avoid fast food and be careful at dine in restaurants. What most of us seem to ignore is that many dishes on these menus contain just as much calories as a fast food meal. Don’t be afraid to ask how your meal is made and ask for something off the menu/for the kitchen to modify your meal.
8. Take a look at the sugar content. Every 4 grams of sugar, is equal to one teaspoon. Even though 10-20 grams of sugar may not seem like a lot, having that in each meal quickly adds up. Make it a point to have one meal each day without added sugars.
9. Alcohol – this one is pretty simple. We are all aware binge drinking can pack on the pounds and that alcohol is void in nutrients. Be kind to your body.
10. Pass the fruit juice for water or tea. While most fruit juice is branded as healthy, again they generally contain way too much sugar, and are a very quick way to spike insulin levels and cause fat storage. Focus on drinking your 8 glasses of water per day and if you finish that, then try your favorite fruit juice. Most people won’t be thirsty enough at that point!

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